LaToniya A. Jones

Connecting Math locally and globally!

Presenting Opportunities, Winning Effectual Results for 3,000+ youth with more than 

4,200 volunteer (Math Ambassador) hours since 2005.  

Help us reach 2,500 new youth and 500 new families in 2016-2017!

We all have unique ways of engaging with the world. I  help POWER Org Math youth build their futures -- with math.

As a first generation college student, I experienced math anxiety, felt under-prepared mathematically, and was even bombarded with low expectations from educators who focused more on my  zip code or racial ethnic background than my demonstration of understanding and tenacity.   

Fortunately, my supporters were greater than my doubters. I drop-kicked several barriers placed in my way and now I make it my business to help POWER Org Math youth work independently, access useful resources, and articulate the assistance they desire - at home, in school, and as a citizen of their community.

Join me in making more meaningful mathematical connections with youth in Southeast Michigan and the Limpopo Province of South Africa!


Founder and Executive Director

Since 2005, we have intentionally sought new ways to serve, based on family, partner, and focus group feedback.

Over the past two years:

POPUpMathLab's have brought us so much joy this summer as we served more families in community centers and parks.

Math Club experiences target more focused groups of learners with closely aligned interests.

We expect our I Love My Kids with Math (parent engagement) movement to progress quickly during this academic year.  

Our annual math conferences are now multi-gender What's the Math in This? Expos.

Our Global Math Initiative with higher education partners and colleagues in South Africa brought unexpected benefits during the two-year pilot. We've evolved into a Global STEAM Initiative.

We are excited about what POWER Org Math will accomplish through its service over the next 5 years (2015 - 2020)!