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March 18 - November 18, 2018

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PopUpMathLab - PEEPS Detroit, MI (April 2015)

​POWER Org Math is a mission-driven, mobile organization facilitating programs that support community events, Title I, parent engagement, school improvement and corporate philanthropy goals beyond the school day and supplementing formal education opportunities.

​Since 2005, we have intentionally sought new ways to serve, based on youth, family, partner, and focus group feedback.

Youth Architecture Day w/SpaceLabDetroit, Grand Circus, Detroit (April 2016)
Hour Kidz, South Lyon, MI - Summer Contest Winners (July 2015)


Decreasing math anxiety by focusing on youth interests.

Presenting Opportunities Winning Effectual Results:

Helping Kids (ages 4 - 16) Win with Math by increasing their math confidence and proficiency.

POWER Org Math

Presenting Opportunities Winning Effectual Results

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Global Math Initiative Launch, Limpopo Province, South Africa (March 2014)


Math Ambassadors = 

Professionals + Scholars (HS/college)


Donate, sponsor, or recruit for

exponential growth. 


Engaging and relatable math experiences.