We serve best when focusing on the interests of kids and families

we serve.

Help Kids increase their confidence, competency, and proficiency in math.

our mission:


We present relaxed, inviting, engaging experiences for families that promote rigor and value all kinds of math progress. 

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Our affordable programs and events are a financial challenge

for several of the families 

we serve. 


Our Math Ambassadors, high school students to professionals; both locally and in South Africa, help kids thrive with math.

POWER Org Math believes that all kids should recognize and be comfortable positively addressing math experiences in their home, community, and academic settings. We strive to compliment formal math learning by extending opportunities to high quality math content, relevant math applications, and math focused careers. We enjoy working with kids and families in community venues where the ambiance and resources support a more realistic understanding of math in their world. This is important to remove barriers of transportation and socioeconomic status.

Families, partners, volunteers, and sponsors invest in POWER Org Math because we emphasize making meaningful math connections - emotionally, academically, socially, and in preparation for their most passionate life work. Affinities activate academic success.

Join us and tell your friends that @POWEROrgMath  #POWEROrgMath #POPUpMathLab is Helping Kids Win with Math! 

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Help Kids win with Math!

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