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PopUpMathLab - PEEPS Detroit, MI (April 2015)


We decrease math anxiety by focusing on the interests of those we serve.


Math Ambassadors partner to help kids thrive! Service learning credit available.


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exponential growth. 

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March 14

Pi Day


POWER Org Math is a mission-driven, mobile organization facilitating programs that support corporate philanthropy, community events, Title I, parent engagement, and school improvement goals beyond the school day and formal education environments.

All learners deserve high quality experiences that help them "make meaningful math connections"! 

We want all youth to believe that "succeeding with math" is a norm!


                                      Listen to our WDET Interview                                      View our segment on Mom's a Genius on WXYZ TV

Global Math Initiative Launch, Limpopo Province, South Africa (March 2014)


Engaging and relatable math experiences. 

Youth Architecture Day w/SpaceLabDetroit, Grand Circus, Detroit (April 2016)
Hour Kidz, South Lyon, MI - Summer Contest Winners (July 2015)

Helping youth (ages 4-16) increase their math confidence and proficiency.